Games with no goals

No winning. No losing. Just playing.

Tired of videogame to-do lists? Stop chasing trophies and leave the leaderboards behind – these games are meant to be enjoyed in their purest forms. Tap and play away.

Build bliss

Soak up the sun, rein in some rainbows and soothe your psyche with the satisfying idle game My Oasis, where the only objective is to craft your own personal paradise.

Trees flourish, animals appear and flowers bloom with each tap, expanding a relaxing world that you shape and control.

    My Oasis: Anxiety Relief App

    Best relaxing game


Swing away

In the mesmerising Desert Golfing, drag, aim and release to drive a golf ball across a barren landscape. There’s no need to worry about clubs, scores, or sunburn: just let yourself fall into the rhythm of this endless golf game as you swing for the pin.

    Desert Golfing

    Infinity in your pocket


Keep it rolling

It’s impossible to fail in Magic Shot, so don’t worry about pocketing the eight ball. You’ll know you’ve passed a stage in this meditative take on billiards when the table morphs shape.

Just enjoy the soothing electronic soundtrack and take aim.

    Magic Shot



Treat yourself

Drop any expectations about what a game typically looks like and sink into #SelfCare’s cosy vibes. It’s a medium for taking a moment (or several) to centre yourself.

Tasks include appreciating the purr of a contented cat, drawing a tarot card and watching the clouds go by.


    Let's stay in bed all day.


Surf the sands

Skim along soft-hued desert dunes in Alto’s Odyssey. The stunning sequel to the award-winning Alto’s Adventure features lots of aerial acrobatics and challenging goals in its standard mode; for an endlessly relaxing change of pace, glide into Zen mode.

    Alto's Odyssey

    Discover the endless desert