Help your kids with maths homework

Math can be daunting. Tap for apps that help you help them.

If it’s been a while since you’ve brushed up on your algebra, geometry, trig or (gulp) calculus, you might feel a little pang of dread when your child asks for help with maths homework.

Yes, sometimes even the people who provide the help need a little help. The next time you’re stuck (or, even better, before you get stuck), check out these apps.

Find help in a snap

‣ Here’s a category that really feels like magic.

With Photomath and Mathway, take a picture of a maths problem written on a piece of paper and – thanks to machine-learning technology – the apps explain how to find the solution.

Photomath will graph out problems too. Mathway ups the ante with the ability to solve finite maths, statistics and linear algebra problems – and even chemistry equations.

Photomath can take you from stumped to solved with the help of a photo.


    Scan. Solve. Learn.



    Math Problem Solver


Graph it

‣ Lugging around a bulky, expensive graphing calculator used to be a rite of passage in high school and college. But these days, most of those calculator functions can be performed in an app that weighs zero ounces – and that’s a lot less expensive too.

GeoGebra Graphing Calculator is a powerful graphing calculator with a very simple menu bar along the bottom. That’s where you enter equations to plot functions, polar and parametric curves and pull off transformations with sliders.

Desmos Graphing Calculator also lets you plot any equation, line or parabola – and it lets you save your graphs so you can come back to them later. With a pinch of two fingers, zoom in and out to get any view you’d like of a graph. With a tap, you can see coordinates too.

GeoGebra’s sliders make it easy to manipulate a graph.

    GeoGebra Graphing Calculator

    Graph, Drag, Share


    Desmos Graphing Calculator