Apple Music tips that rock

Apple Music

70 million songs. All ad-free.


Apple Music is easy to use casually but rewards you for being a power user. Read on for a few ways to get more out of the app.

Listen anywhere on Earth (or in midair)

‣ Apple Music is a streaming service, but you can also download music and music videos for when you don’t have internet access – for instance, when you’re flying or camping.

The music you download can be found on Apple Music’s Library tab.

Downloading music is easy. When you're viewing an album, song or playlist, tap the red cloud icon. You’ll find these songs under the 'Downloaded Music' section of the Library tab.

To download a music video, tap the plus icon to add the video to your library, then tap the red cloud icon to download it.

Get a smart DJ

‣ You probably know you can jump into any song, album, or playlist on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch by saying, “Hey Siri, play...” But Siri can also be your personal DJ and the ultimate music authority.

Siri can get you the right music, for the right occasion. Just ask.

You can ask Siri to play music tuned to your mood or activity. For example, say, “Hey Siri, play relaxing music” for an Apple Music station to chill out to. “Hey Siri, I need some music to work to” will play songs that help you focus. You can also get music for your next workout, a birthday party, a romantic dinner – or even a breakup.

Another fun Siri trick: if you’re out and about and hear a song you like, just say, “Hey Siri, what song is this?” Then tap Play to listen (if you have a subscription) or open in Apple Music.

Wake up singing

‣ Apple Music subscribers can set any of the 50 million songs in the catalog as an alarm sound.

Set your favourite song as your alarm and start the day with music.

To do this, create a new alarm in the Clock app, then tap Sound. Under the header Songs, you’ll see the option to ‘Pick a song’ from the Apple Music catalog or from your Library.

    Apple Music

    70 million songs. All ad-free.