The early bird gets the game

Every day a flurry of great games launch on the App Store. If you want to be among the first to play them, you can hit that Pre-Order button and your games of choice will be downloaded to your iPhone or iPad as soon as they’re released.

There’s nothing quite like discovering a new gem waiting to be played. Here are some of our upcoming favourites.

Kiki’s Vacation

Escape the hectic city life with Kiki and join her as she adjusts to the idyllic island of Kokoloko instead. Meet quirky characters, discover new activities and collect shells to partake in the pleasure of doing not very much at all. Stay up to speed with Kiki’s activities on MeowLife as she posts snapshots of her new life.

    Kiki's Vacation

    Adorable Tropical Adventure!


Sonic at The Olympic Games

Have you ever wondered how Sonic will fare as an athlete in the Olympics? Find out as you take part in events like the long jump and hammer throw with Sonic and friends. Win medals, challenge bosses and, at the same time, try to stop Dr. Eggman from taking over the city.

    Sonic at the Olympic Games

    Tokyo 2020


More great games to pre-order

    Blade&Soul Revolution



    Dragon Raja - SEA

    Find the best of me with you


    Immortal Destiny

    Immortal Transcending MMO


    Theme Park Island

    Water Slides & Roller Coasters


    The Goldbergs: Back to the 80s

    Goldbergs official idle game.