Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek

Keep away from your no-good brother with these hints.

Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek

Stealth horror game w AI


Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek is a deceptively tricky game. Running away from your brother while collecting items in a surreal landscape? How hard can it be?

Surprisingly hard – especially if you didn’t play the original Hello Neighbor. In Hide & Seek, your goal is to avoid your brother while collecting a number of items on each level. It’s easier said than done – while you’re ostensibly hiding from your sibling, the items, it seems, are hiding from you. And clues are few and far between.

Unless you’re reading this, of course. Fresh from game-maker tinyBuild, these tips will help you dodge your annoying brother – and eventually reach Hide & Seek’s stunning ending.

Make sure to keep an eye on your inventory: you can only hold four items at a time.

Get friendly
Find your brother a little aggressive? Maybe he had too much sugar. To mellow him out, visit Settings and turn on Friendly mode. This will slow him down a bit, granting you precious puzzle-solving seconds.

Pick a drop spot
You do a lot of lifting in Hide & Seek, but with limited inventory slots, you also do a lot of dropping. Where you place items is extremely important, as it’s easy to get turned around. Always place items in a highly visible, easy-to-find place, as they do not magically return to their starting point if you get caught and start over.

Our advice? Once you collect four items (and fill up your inventory), head straight to the basket and toss them in.

Not sure where to find the next goodie? Expand your view!

Head to high ground
The large open spaces in Hide & Seek make it easy to overlook important objects. At the start of a level, climb up dressers, rocks, ladders and other objects to get a bird’s-eye view of the landscape. And be sure to use the binoculars! You never know what you’ll find scouring faraway locations.

Don’t stop
It’s tempting to slow down, catch your breath and take stock of a difficult puzzle. But it’s also a bad idea. Your brother is constantly on the lookout; one way to avoid him is to never stand still. Keep moving and he’ll have a hard time catching you.

Take a hint
If you just can’t find an item, you can always tap over to Settings and turn on Hints. It won’t ruin the game – this simply turns on arrows that point the way to undiscovered items.

    Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek

    Stealth horror game w AI