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A secure and multi-cryptocurrency blockchain wallet offering the best crypto security solution.

Download the Aladdin Pro Wallet app to experience one of the best cryptocurrency wallets that highlights security, transparency, and extensive asset storage.

Do you want to store digital assets in one wallet?
Do you want to manage cryptocurrencies without difficulty?
Do you want to keep your digital crypto wallet protected at all times?

The Aladdin Pro Wallet got you covered! Designed for all types of cryptocurrency users and traders, this new wallet aims to provide a strong, seamless, and stable crypto wallet.

With Aladdin Pro Wallet, you can benefit from these modern security features:

Unique Mobile Device Identification

Upon registration, the device used by the user will be recorded on the system. Any login attempts from a new device will be reviewed and subject to the admin’s approval.

Email and Mobile Verification

To ensure a user’s identity, a valid email address and mobile number must be submitted during account creation. Verification codes sent must be entered within the wallet to complete the verification process.

Biometric Verification

As an additional security layer, users can enable the biometric feature available on their mobile devices. These may include fingerprint, iris scan recognition, and face recognition.

Voice Recognition

To assist the admins in checking the authenticity of a user, a clear and audible voice recording sample must be submitted.

Transaction Passcode

To confirm any outgoing transactions that will be sent from this wallet, a 6-digit transaction passcode is required to be set.

Mnemonic Phrase

A unique mnemonic phrase will be generated for each user. Keep this passphrase secure by saving it on your phone or writing it down on a piece of paper.

Handover Feature

By choosing your beneficiaries, you are assured that despite being inactive for a certain period of time, your crypto assets will be in the safe hands of family or friends.

Why Aladdin Pro Wallet?

Supports efficient multi-crypto transactions

The wallet integrates Bitcoin, Ethereum, ABBC, ADN, and over 1,600 ERC20 tokens in the market. Users can send or receive cryptocurrencies across borders with ease.

Convenient multi-asset dashboard

You can check your preferred cryptocurrencies in the dashboard for convenient access. It can accommodate a user’s diverse crypto portfolio in just a matter of few clicks.

Top-level security to avoid any malicious attacks

The team of Aladdin Pro Wallet developers has made crypto security as its priority. This wallet has integrated multi-layered protection to keep all digital assets safe 24/7.

Monitor transaction status on the wallet dashboard

Establishing the integrity of the wallet, Aladdin Pro Wallet will display the transaction status for each transaction. Users can now track if their transaction has failed or succeeded.

You do not have to worry about the security of your cryptos, use the Aladdin Pro Wallet for holding and sending your cryptocurrencies, anytime and anywhere.

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42개의 평가

42개의 평가

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