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Sketch, Doodle and Design to Scale
Use Archisketch as you would a tracing pad. Sketch. Draw to
scale. Layer over your sketch to further develop your ideas.
Erase. Add symbols, colour, text and dimension lines. Import
images or plans to set the scale. Zoom in without loss of
quality. Rotate a shape, a layer, or the entire drawing to try
different options.

Visualize your ideas in 3D and see them in context. Use smart
one- and two-point perspectives, and adjust your perspective
grid and view point. Align your perspective to an image, and
your lines automatically snap to the vanishing point. Print your
drawings to scale up to A1 size, or export sketches to use in a
CAD application or Adobe Creative Cloud.

Archisketch is a scale-aware sketching program ideal for
Architects, interior and landscape designers, product designers,
design students, or anyone working with design on an iPad.

To learn more or watch a short video, visit our website.

Key features include:
* Apple Pencil support
* Smart one- and two-point perspectives
* Scaled grids, including isometric and axonometric grids
* Guide lines, which can be subdivided equally or into specific distances
* Infinite canvas size with infinite zoom
* Zoom in and out without losing quality
* Import and export PDFs
* Build new drawings layered on archival drawings
* Scrapbook for managing image assets
* "Share Extension" adds images and PDFs from other apps
* Cut and Paste retains scale awareness
* Dimension lines
* Add custom symbols to the set of included symbols
* Export sketches into CAD applications
* Add text and company logo to exports
* Adobe Creative Cloud support for both importing and exporting
* Print directly from the iPad up to A1 size

새로운 기능

버전 3.1

-Interface update for 11 and 12.9 inch third generation iPad Pros with Face ID.
-Now you can set a custom name when saving a PDF file - (saving pdfs requires the iCloud Plus-Pack).
-Fixed the issue when naming documents that included "/" character.
-Other minor bug fixes

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2개의 평가

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앱 내 구입

Archisketch - Full Version
Unlimited shapes, drawings & projects
Full Version with All Add-ons
Unlimited version + Add-ons


Open Screen Limited

iOS 11.0 버전 이상이 필요. iPad와(과) 호환.



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앱 내 구입
  1. Archisketch - Full Version ₩19,000
  2. Full Version with All Add-ons ₩32,000
  3. Advance Colour & iCloud Bundle ₩12,000


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