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Our mission: „Help you optimize your training results in the gym and at home by providing the most intuitive workout tracker possible.”

Key features:
• Intuitive interface so that you can focus on your gym session instead your of your phone
• Over 500 strength and cardio exercises to choose from, every exercise comes with high quality images that show you how to execute each exercise
• Over 130 exercises available that require no equipment and are perfect for your home workouts in case a gym is not available
• Create as many workouts as you like or choose from available default workouts, all without any extra charges
• Full flexibility to arrange exercises within a workout via drag & drop, also while the workout is already ongoing
• Compare your performance to other Beast athletes
• Beast Genius: Unique artificial intelligence engine that provides personalized training recommendations per exercise
• Widgets: add the Beast widget to your home screen to display key workout statistics without opening the app
• 1RM (one-repetition-max) calculation for every exercise including recommendations depending on your workout goal
• HealthKit: app integrates with HealthKit to synchronize workouts and body measures.
• Workouts can be organized with color labels
• A rest timer allows you to better time your workout
• Optionally create a Beast account and sign in to store your data in the cloud (secure server) and access your training data from any of your iOS devices
• See all your executed workouts in the history, you are still able to modify your workouts after they have been completed
• Track statistics for each exercise to monitor your progress including trend analysis
• In-depth statistical analysis of your training progress
• Identify areas for improvement and react immediately while your workout is going on
• Search through the exercise database via free text search or filter by muscle group
• Built-in stop watch while a workout is going on
• The app looks good night and day with dark mode support

Be patient, this is just the beginning. Many more features to come.

새로운 기능

버전 1.72

New features on user requests:
- Notification sound is now available at the end of the rest timer
- Screen locking can be disabled for ongoing workouts
- Average calories are now displayed on various screens
Also various improvements of the user interface.


Nils Ackermann

iOS 13.5 버전 이상이 필요. iPhone, iPad 및 iPod touch와(과) 호환.


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