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Connect to any of the bHaptics TactSuit range of devices from your iPhone!

Allows bluetooth connection to any of the TactSuit range of devices, allowing you to draw patterns or activate specific motors on the device.
Simply connect to the devices you want, and then click 'Next' to create the haptic feedback.

Path mode allows you to draw patterns, tracing your movements along with the device.
Dot mode allows you to activate specific motors on the devices to deliver a massage-like effect. You can toggle dots on and off by touching them.
You can also alter the intensity of the playing feedback as well to make it more or less intense.

** New Features **
Try more feedback effects created in the bHaptics Designer!
Feedback files can also be altered to increase the intensity, duration, and even the location on the body.
Feel the sensation of a gunshot, rain dripping down your body, or any of the other cool effects included in the library.

With our Audio-to-Haptic feature, you can now feel the music as you listen.
Play any song on your phone's local library to feel the beat and melody as you play the song.
Change the configuration to emphasise either the melody or the bass notes of the songs, all in real time!

새로운 기능

버전 1.3.1

**** Updated Features ****
* Updated UI & overall design
* Integrated settings panel per device. Click the dots to the right of a device to access its settings.
* Added Library Page. Test haptic feedback patterns and dynamically change the intensity, duration, and location. (Tactot only)
* Audio-to-Haptic page. Select a song from your phone's library and experience a concert-like experience with haptic feedback! (Tactot only)

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iOS 9.0 버전 이상이 필요. iPhone, iPad 및 iPod touch와(과) 호환.



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