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Blockwatch X is the ultimate cryptocurrency mining monitor app. It's a Mining Monitor, Pool Explorer, Market Cap app all in one.

Remotely monitor your mining pool account from 30 of the best pools including F2Pool, Ethermine, ZPool, MiningPoolHub, Sparkpool, Nanopool, Zergpool, Dwarfpool with hundreds of the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCash, Litecoin, Siacoin, Monero, Grin, Beam and many more other altcoins.

Mining Monitor (awesome) Features:
- monitor unlimited accounts
- get detailed information about your accounts like online / offline workers, balance in your local currency, hashrates, payouts, shares and estimated earnings with beautiful charts illustrating the information
- estimated next payout so you can stop wondering when
- reorder addresses to suit your needs
- view pool and network information like difficulty, blocks found or global hashrate
- view wallet information inside the app
- view transactions on the blockchain inside the app

Pool explorer:
- quickly find the best mining pool by browsing over 100 algorithms, 700 coins and 900 mining pools
- view information such as pool fees, minimum payouts, server locations
- new network information for over 100 coins such as Difficulty, Block Reward, Hashrate and more

CoinMarketCap features:
- view latest prices from coin market cap
- filter, sort and search for you favorite coins
- view beautiful charts for Price, Market Cap and Volume for each coin
- view supported exchanges and hardware wallets

Global options:
- choose from 3 different color schemes
- choose from 179 fiat currencies as default in all pools
- choose default landing page

Pools supported by Blockwatch X:

F2Pool: - all coins
Suprnova: - all coins. - all coins.
MiningPoolHub: - all coins
Nanopool: - all coins
Sparkpool - all coins
2Miners: - all coins (including Solo pools)
Luxor Mining: - all coins
HashVault: - all coins
Ethermine: - Ethereum
EtcEthermine: - Ethereum Classic
EthPool: Ethereum
FlyPool: Zcash
Ravencoin FlyPool: Ravencoin
Beam FlyPool: Beam
SiaMining: Siacoin, Hyperspace, Sia Classic, Sia Prime
SupportXmr: Monero
MineXmr: Monero Litecoin


Blockwatch X is by far the most complete, most-advanced, beautifully designed mining monitor on the market. We're always looking to improve it so feel free to reach out:

Talk to us on Discord:

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버전 6.0

This new version brings and updated UI, bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Added support for Ravencoin Flypool.

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