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If you browse heavily or have eye strain,
> Blue Light Cut Browser, Comfortable for your eyes.
> Brightness Cut Function also suitable especially before sleeping. This app window can be quite dark.
Additionally, you can arrange the toolbar color. Your favorite color will make you relax.

The Blue Light Cut and Brightness Cut function work ON THIS APP ONLY.
(It cannot be made to perform on other apps because of iOS specification)

(1) Comfortable for Eyes, Blue Light Cut Function

Blue light gives damage to the inner part of your eyes, and causes eye strain and failure of eyesight.
Although blue light has come out from the screen of iPhone/iPad, this app can reduced the intensity of blue light. The cut rate can be easily controlled with a slider. When the function is strengthened, the window become yellowish.
Please adjust whatever you would like.

(2) Brightness Cut Function also suitable especially before sleeping

Do you like to see the Internet before sleeping? If you often browse at your dark bedroom, this app would help you. The window of this app can be quite dark, farther than normal setting of iPhone/iPad. The function is helpful for night browsing.

(3) Simple browser including Tab function

This is a simple browser app having some basic function including history, bookmarks and tab.
Additionally You can arrange the color of toolbars. As text color, white, silver, gold and random are available. You can select your favorite color. We hope you enjoy along with your colors.

(Function List)
- Blue cut level adjustment
- Brightness adjustment over standard level
- Tab function
- Long Press to open a page with a new tab
- Screen Horizontal
- Bookmark registration, edit (* un-corresponding to folder division)
- History Record, Elimination
- Keyword Search / Address direct entry
- E-mail, and a message (URL copy & paste)
- Reload / Stop loading
- A tool bar background color / character color change

* This app’s rating is as high as 17+, but excessive contents are not included in the application itself. The cause of the high rate is that this app has not prepared restriction in the Internet inspection.

새로운 기능

버전 2.1

Folder function is added to Bookmark.

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1개의 평가

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iOS 9.0 버전 이상이 필요. iPhone, iPad 및 iPod touch와(과) 호환.


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