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Online shopping is the ultimate trend for everything. From buying new clothes, checking out the newly released mobile, up to changing your old furniture at home, shopping online makes the buying journey simpler, faster, and more convenient for everyone.

Are you ready for a whole new world of online shopping experience? Get the most affordable, latest, and freshest items from over 100 shopping malls worldwide through the Buyaladdin all-in-one e-commerce application.

What is Buyaladdin?

Buyaladdin is the newest online shopping application in town. It aims to provide a one-stop marketplace where shoppers and merchants can have a sustainable, convenient, secure, and reliable online shopping ecosystem.

With its global partners and highly-capable developers, this platform also aims to highlight the convenience of being able to search, compare, and buy in one single platform.

Why Buyaladdin?


Buyaladdin uses a real-time location tracker that showcases the availability of shopping malls around your area, offering you a wide variety of authentic and affordable items. The app will also display all related products based on the item keyword that you have entered upon searching.


Buyaladdin is an all-in-one shopping app that provides users a convenient shopping spree, any time of the day. The Buyaladdin platform offers its users access to the biggest e-commerce brands in the industry such as Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Coupang, Allegro, and Lazada.


The Hot Keyword Search feature allows all Buyaladdin users to know the hottest and most searched or purchased products across all supported shopping malls. Worry no more as you will not miss the latest and hottest trends nowadays.


With a unique product filter mechanism, buyers can easily sort items by nationality, gender or age. You can also filter the items by prices across various stores to select the most ideal purchase based on your lifestyle and preference.


Genie Mail is the notification panel of Buyaladdin. As a branding, Genie acts as the main persona within the Buyaladdin ecosystem. It will include all types of notification such as announcements, event greetings, promotions, and all other general messages.


The Buyaladdin Wish List feature provides users a place to keep all their desired items for future purchases. The cart can store all the products you want to buy later. No pressure as you can get back to it whenever you decide to finally purchase the items.


To cater to users from different parts of the world, Buyaladdin has the Language Selection feature. It provides greater shopping convenience as users can shop using their preferred language. The app is available in English, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian.

What can I buy from Buyaladdin?

● Electronics & Appliances
● Automotive Parts & Accessories
● Baby Care Products
● Beauty, Perfumes & Personal Care
● Books & Stationary
● Women, Men, and Children’s Clothing and Fashion
● Shoes & Footwear
● Mobile gadgets, desktops, laptops, computer accessories, and tablets
● Grocery
● Home & Garden tools
● Kitchen & Dining utensils and furniture
● Office products
● Sports, gym, and fitness products
● Travel, luggage, and handbags
● Games & Gaming Console

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버전 1.3.1

1. Fixed some functional bugs.
2. Replaced main images.
3. Increased the speed of page response.

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