Cadenza Live: Classical Music 4+

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Cadenza Live Accompanist is designed for student, amateur and professional-level musicians playing Western classical music. Originally designed for iOS mobile devices, the mac release implemented some mac-only features such as performance file exporting, independent input and output audio interfaces to deliver a natural experience for playing live music on the mac with a lot more variety of audio hardwares to connect.

Cadenza Live Accompanist allows you to practice, rehearse and perform with live piano or orchestral accompaniment that follows you in real-time using musical artificial intelligence. Cadenza Live provides an ever-expanding library of 1000+ pieces and movements covering the core classical instrumental repertoire. By placing you directly in the center of the musical ensemble, Cadenza Live helps musicians develop a deeper understanding of repertoire while providing an unparalleled tool for reflective practice.

Cadenza Live Accompanist offers two auto-renewable subscription plans through in-app purchase - the "Cadenza Monthly Subscription" and "Cadenza Annual Subscription" - allowing full access to download and play any piece in our music library. Most of the library is available worldwide, though some pieces are subject to copyright restrictions in some countries. The Cadenza library page shows the repertoire available in your country. Please check the library page prior to purchasing a subscription.

When purchasing either of the subscriptions a payment will be applied to your iTunes account on confirmation of the purchase. The subscription fee will be charged to your iTunes account within 24-hours of the end of the current period upon renewal. The subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can cancel any time with your iTunes account settings.

The mac release of Cadenza Live Accompanist supports universal purchase. A single subscription (including any existing subscription purchased from the iOS) can unlock the access to all the music on the iOS as well as on your mac, if the same AppleID used to purchase such a subscription is signed in.

IMPORTANT: Please use headphones or external speaker(s) when playing with Cadenza Live Accompanist rather than the device’s built-in speakers. It is recommended to connect external speakers via an audio interface to the mac.

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before playing with Cadenza Live and purchasing a subscription.

Our YouTube Channel for app usage, instructions, and live performance video

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버전 1.3.4

1.3.3 b835 Cadenza Live Accompanist simply honors the current default choice of audio input and output device in "Sound Preference..."; fixed audio device when a new audio device is plugged into or an old one is unplugged from the mac

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깨굴0821 ,

제가 딱 원하던 곡이 안 열려요.

이미 한 달치 결제는 됐고, bruch concerto no.1 op.26 1-2악장 연습하려고 결제한 건데 카덴자가 악보를 여는 중 오류가 발생했다며 악보가 열리지조차 않네요. 오류를 빨리 시정해주시든 환불해주시든 필요한 조취를 취해주세요...

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