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“THE #1 app designed for Speech-Language Pathologists!”
“Writing reports has never been easier!”
“The ONLY comprehensive speech evaluation app!”

Watch the tutorial video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwPZjqnbwio

Designed for Speech-Language Pathologists working with adults (home care, private practices, rehabilitation facilities), CASE assists in performing a screening and evaluation of patients, and provides a complete analytic look at speech and language functions.

CASE serves as a guide for speech therapists to gather baseline data of the patient’s current speech functions, screen for any abnormalities, and obtain an overall justification for continued need for evaluation or treatment. Each test in the app delivers a breakdown report of performance including accuracy independently, accuracy with cuing, and the percentage incorrect. Upon assessment completions, therapists can print, email or send the report to the patient’s respective insurance company explaining the necessity of further service and therapy.

1. Keep your patient's history and evaluation results private with password protection.

2. Create a custom evaluation by choosing between 10 objective tests and 89 subtests. In total, the test has over 200 questions. 

3. Pause the test, save your progress, and continue later. You can also skip questions. 

4. Provide a breakdown of performance on each test including: Accuracy independently, accuracy with cueing, and percentage incorrect.

5. Provide a comprehensive and detailed report upon completion that can be printed, emailed, or sent to dropbox.

6. Keep track of your evaluations and re-evaluations all in one app.  Once a patient is added, their basic information is stored and does not need to be entered again when re-evaluating.  

7. You can review results of previous evaluations including specific test and subtest data, within the app.

8. A search feature allows a therapist to easily locate a specific patient name quickly and easily. 

9. Draw features allows therapists to provide visual and written cues and allows patients to provide writing samples. These samples are included as part of the report. 

10. A ‘notes’ feature allows the therapist to write a note about a specific question or question type. Notes can be useful to state if a specific type of cue is helpful, or, if there are extraneous information you would like to be noted but would otherwise not be able to.

11. Enlarge photos

12. Copy and paste the text from the report after the report is sent

13. Move backwards and forwards through the test at your leisure.

info@comprehensiveapplicationsolutions.com with any questions!


-Change your 4 digit passcode

-Add a therapist

-Recommendations of various levels of cues that can be used during testing

-Descriptions of each test

-About the app, including scoring severity guidelines, the app and terms of use, developer bio, bibliography, and credits

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버전 1.4.4

Bug fixes


Comprehensive Application Solutions Inc

iOS 9.0 버전 이상이 필요. iPad와(과) 호환.



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  1. One patient evaluation ₩1,200
  2. Ten Patient Evaluations ₩5,900
  3. Twenty Five Patient Evaluations ₩12,000


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