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Responsible mobility to enhance your city and build a cleaner, safer, better-connected world. Circ is your key to a smooth, fair-priced ride through the city – on one of the most robust scooters out there.

• Create a free account in seconds
• Find and unlock Circ electric scooters in your city
• Track your travel time and distance
• Get smart-parking discounts in selected cities
• Handle your account details and payment information
• Available in 11+ countries
• 1 account wherever you are

Create a Circ account within a few seconds, and get access to all our electric scooters in your city. With our app you can find an available e-scooter nearby right away! Get a Circ scooter and ride anywhere.

No matter if you are on your way to work, to your friends, to the shops or to university - your safety matters to us. We control the design and manufacturing of our best-in-class vehicles. All Circ e-scooters are purpose-built with reinforced rugged hardware and a rust resistant aluminium alloy frame to prevent breakage, even during heavy use. They are equipped with built-in LED front and rear lights. Each of our e-scooters has got independent mechanical and electric brakes - doing everything we can for your safety. Most of our scooters also have a smartphone holder with USB charger plus cup and bag holders to ensure you can focus on the road and use both hands for steering.

Are you bored when commuting to your job or to university? Try a new way of transportation, to explore and travel around the town where you live or a city you are visiting. With bigger wheels and suspension to make your trip more comfortable, you can enjoy every ride on a Circ scooter wherever you are. Move as much as you want!

The battery of our electric scooter lasts for ages. As we know, our users love to go to infinity and beyond. In a rush? Having to go to different appointments across the city? Our extra resistant batteries allow you to ride for hours! Our engineers work hard to satisfy our community wishes. Longer, Faster, Smoother - We work with the latest technologies available to provide the best ride ever.

The future of our planet is important to us all. Circ scooters are built to last and are a more sustainable option for getting around your city. They are fully electric and free of emissions locally, meaning that using a Circ e-scooter instead of a car is a great way to improve air quality. Stop using the car and join the electric scooter community.

Any feedback? Would you like Circ to launch in your city? Do you have any suggestions of how to improve Circ app? Let us know what you think about Circ app here with a review, or write us at feedback@circ.com.

Looking for a new job? Check out our vacancies on our website and join the Circ team at circ.com.

• Germany: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Herne
• France: Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Annecy, Bordeaux
• Portugal: Lisbon, Faro, Maia, Coimbra
• Switzerland: Zurich, Basel, Zug, Winterthur
• Belgium: Brussels, Ostende, Namur, Liege
• Austria: Vienna, Innsbruck, Linz
• Spain: Madrid, Zaragoza
• Italy: Milan
• Denmark: Copenhagen
• Sweden: Stockholm
• Norway: Oslo

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- We continue our fight against bugs and bring you performance improvements with this update.

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56개의 평가

56개의 평가

yjyjyjyjyjyjyjyjyjyjk ,

Please refund

I downloaded the app a while back, but I did not want to pay, but nonetheless it was paid 20 euros. I did not use a scooter and I want to get a refund. Please ask for quick treatment.

개발자 답변 ,

This is simply to check if there is enough balance to rent our scooters.

The Pre-Authorization charge will automatically be refunded right after, so we will not actually take this amount. We are sorry for any inconveniences.

For further questions , contact us via E-mail support.de@circ.com .


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