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Based on multi IC chip architecture, hardware wallet D’CENT provides world’s the most advanced security for your digital assets. Bank grade tamperproof Secure Element (EAL 5+) and Secure OS runs at micro controller offer isolated and secured environment for processing your private key and personal data.

Not like other existing hardware wallet that you could find from the market, D’CENT offers biometrics authentication for enhanced security in data privacy, data access controls and key management.
With Bluetooth and USB interface, it offers convenient user experience for connecting PC or mobile environments. And user can check transaction details through OLED display for fast confirmation
and it also supports QR Code for receiving cryptocurrencies easily.

Custom design D’CENT Mobile App offers personalized services including device model change, firmware updates and shows your digital assets overview in intuitive graphic based on realtime based exchange rate.
And D’CENT helps you to manage your digital assets through the most secured and proven authentication process

You have worried about loss of your digital assets from cyber attacks in exchanges and do not know how they manage your personal data in secure manner. But you could be worry free from by using D’CENT

■ Key features

1. Fast and accurate confirmation for transactions through biometric authentication

D’CENT offers convenient but strong approval process though biometric authentication and bank grade Secure Element (EAL5+). Registered biometric data (fingerprint) in personalization process always remains in Secure Elements as encrypted form and never be exposed to external world. Also all authentication process for various services of D’CENT will be run in Secure Elements only which offers multiple protections against various cyber attacks.

2. Long lasting battery

With full charged battery, user can enjoy D’CENT distinguished features for 14 days without re-charging and D’CENT can be charged anywhere in anytime through USB port.
※ Battery time can be varied depends on user habit and its environments

3. Easy and Convenient

All you need is; D’CENT hardware wallet and D’CENT Mobile App for sending/receiving cryptocurrency in anywhere and anytime with Bluetooth connection with yout smartphone.
- No USB connection
- Hand-held sized for mobility
Intuitive graph at OLED Display show all your digital assets in preferred currency (US Dollar, Korean Won, Chinese Yuan, and Japanese Yen) in realtime based.

4. Multi coins supports

- Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), ERC20 (ERC20), Ripple (XRP), Monacoin (MONA), EOS
(EOS), RSK (RBTC) and more to come

5. Multi currencies

- CNY (Chinese Yuan), EUR (Euro), JPY (Japanese Yen), USD (United States Dollar), KRW
(South Korean Won)

6. Address Book

- With digital address book, your coin address can be shared through message, e-mail
etc. Also, you can save other’s coin address in D’CENT mobile app

7. Service Charge

- User can set its service charge when you wire your assets to others

8. Market Price check

- Shows the major exchange price and market price in real time based

9. Managing your digital asset in secure manner

- The most important data, your private information (private key) is generated and stored
only in D’CENT hardware wallet where it is safe from cyber attacks

새로운 기능

버전 1.3.1

- Improved stability
- bug fixed

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