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Diptic, a former App Store App of the Week, helps you create and share beautiful photo and video collages. See for yourself why millions of people have downloaded this app!

"A simple, elegant way to use pictures to tell your story." – Macworld


• Create collages with photos and videos
• Super Customizable — Tons of layouts to choose from plus tons of ways to enhance each one. Save your own customized layouts for re-use
• Add text captions, filters, colored borders, textured borders & more


• Choose from 194+ layouts (additional layouts are available as in-app purchases)
• Combine up to nine photos and/or videos in each layout
• Customize your layouts to better fit your video or images by sliding interior frame lines or moving joints along the line
• Create rectangular Diptics (great for printing) with Expandable Layouts (in-app purchase)
• Round the inner and outer borders, as well as modify thickness and color, and apply textures to videos and images


• Choose from 14 filters, as well as adjust brightness, contrast, hue and color saturation
• Pan, rotate, mirror, flip, and zoom individual photos


• Personalize your Diptic photo and video creations with a text caption
• Adjust the font, style, color and size of the text


• Add music to any video collage and adjust audio start and stop time
• Pick any song from your Music library
• Customize video start and stop time


• Create Diptics with photos or videos from your library, Instagram, Dropbox, Facebook or Flickr, or take a photo on the spot with the camera
• Save Diptics for safe keeping or share them with friends. You can send via email, or share by uploading directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or any app that accepts JPGs and/or video files
• High-resolution export for pixel-perfect images
• Import multiple photos and videos at once and swap media between frames
• Add music from your music library to any of your videos 

Let’s connect!

Twitter: @dipticapp

Instagram: @dipticapp

Facebook: facebook.com/dipticapp 

Flickr: flickr.com/groups/diptic 

Please reach out to us at support@dipticapp.com if you have any suggestions for the new video features or anything else you’d like to see... we’d love to hear from you!

새로운 기능

버전 10.1.1

*NEW* Home Screen Design - easier to browse layouts.
*NEW* Image Picker - photos, videos, and colors now draggable from trays into layouts.
*NEW* Image Management - selecting & using media is both easier and faster.
*NEW* Expandable Layouts now FREE & included for everyone - common aspect ratios are easy to select.
*NEW* Removed all data collection functionality.

various bug fixes and performance enhancements implemented

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