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Create awesome videos with Fast Motion, Slow Motion and Reverse Video edits!

Get this mighty yet easy-to-use film maker for sharing on Facebook, Instagram, inShot, Go Pro, Wasap, Splice, YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, Vimeo and more.

How does it work? Simply slow down the video or speed it up. Watch your video become something completely different. Control the video frame rate and add your favorite music.

- SLO-MO, FAST-MO, REVERSE video effects
- Multiple speeds
- Fast motion (like timelapse)
- Rewind video
- Add your favorite music
- Turn sound on/off
- Cut/trip videos
- Playback video
- Video cutter
- All popular video formats are supported
- HD quality
- Easy to use with a wide variety of functions which are always improving
- Save and share on social networks

- Make you friends laugh with recording their talking, dancing or eating
- Your pet failing at that trick or perhaps excelling at it
- Weather changes, snow storms, heavy rains, lightnings... Stay safe!
- Fire, lighters
- Water balloons
- Popping popcorn
- Waves
- Busy streets, Downtown
- Playing pool
And more!

We welcome feedback so if you have any suggestions or problems with the app, contact us at: efectum.app@gmail.com

Create and make the world a little more fun ;)

Privacy Policy: https://bitly.su/JBZJ

Terms of Use: https://bitly.su/1WCeB

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24개의 평가

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