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Welcome to EL Korean.

Your right teacher will be available by setting guideline based on subjects (i.e. TOPIK, business, tour, K-Pop), level, teacher’s language, tuition range and class time.
Then video call takes place from your teacher whom you found from this app at your designated time. This app will assist both teachers and students to communicate in and out of class time for activities. Why not try for countless bonus including referring your friends?

How to use

1. Join the membership

Join this app with your Facebook account or your email address.

2. Search teachers

Teacher selection is available in accordance with your set guidelines.

- Package: selection from 9 different package lessons

Korean for beginners / Korean dialects / K-POP Korean / Korean for travel / Daily Korean conversation / Business Korean conversation / Korean for foreign students / TOPIK I / TOPIK II

Each package is classified by 5-time lesson, 10-time lesson, 20-time lesson and 30-time lesson.

- Teacher’s language: selection by teacher’s language used between teacher and student for the productive Korean class

- Tuition/session: selection by tuition fee ranges.
10-20 EL coin / 21-40 EL coin / 41-60 EL coin / 61-80 EL coin (1 EL coin = 1 US $)
This rate is for 1 session which lasts 40 minutes. Those are the basic tuition fees that will be discounted by the number of class sessions and the class type.
Each package has the trial class with the half of the tuition fee and the half of normal class time.
- Selection by teacher’s name or her/his Skype ID

3. Request the class to the teacher whom you found from the search result.

You may request the class to the teacher whom you want.

There are detailed information on class from teacher’s profile
- Contents of the class that teacher prepared
- Tuition fee of each class with discount applicable by the package
- The feedback from the students about the classes

4. Class by online video calling software

Your selected teacher will call at your designated time via the video calling software such as Skype.

- Just enjoy and learn Korean language through the video call with your teacher.
- Please leave your feedback at the end of the class.

5. Four communities to learn Korean language and Korean culture

This app offers joy of learning Korean language and culture by providing communication outside of the class with four communities. These are helpful for you that you can enjoy and learn Korean anytime anywhere not just at the live video class time with teachers.

- My writing: You will get some advice on your Korean writings.
- Culture and history of Korea: You can share your knowledge about Korean culture and history with your friends and teachers.
- Enjoy and learn: You can share your experience anything about learning Korean with your friends and teachers.
- I am traveling: You can share your plan and experience about traveling in Korea. You can get some advice if you are planning to come to Korea.

6. Bonus

You can get some of bonus with following activities.

- Bigger bonus for bigger tuition
- Bonus with the several promotions like activities on four communities
- 1% bonus of the tuition from the member you referred to join this app. This bonus has no limitation.

Enjoy and learn Korean.
We are with myriads of professional Korean teachers who are willing to work with you.

Best regards,
EL Korean Inc.


새로운 기능

버전 1.0.5

1. EL Korean offers a variety of classes to meet your needs.
2. You can learn Korean anytime, anywhere with community activities.
3. 1% of the amount of EL coin (US$) you pay for your tuition will be paid consistently to the member who recommended you as a bonus EL coin.

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3개의 평가

3개의 평가

l love Korean ,

This is the best app to learn Korean with Korean professional teachers online.

I can find Korean teachers with my search conditions, and have the online class with the video chat software.


EL Korean Inc.

iOS 9.0 버전 이상이 필요. iPhone, iPad 및 iPod touch와(과) 호환.



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