German Templates for Microsoft Excel 2016 4+

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More than 150 German Spread Sheets, Calculations, Tables, Diagrams, Forms, Lists and Printing Templates for Microsoft Excel!

Multilingual user interface in German, English, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, Serbian, Croatian, Persian (Farsi) and Urdu!

You are no native German but live in Germany? Appropriate communication with German Authorities, Companies, Schools, Universities, Doctors and others is hard work for you? You would like to get better in understanding German language? German documents are extremely useful for you in school, at work or simply for learning German language?

This comprehensive library of German Templates for Microsoft Excel is your priceless tool for dealing with Germans and for every days business in Germany. It includes documents, sheets and templates for nearly every occasion of daily life in Germany

Easy to use: select the category of draft you are looking for and scroll with cover flow through the documents or type in the search field the name of the document you are searching for, open in Excel and customize to your needs.

All German drafts are made by German professionals in official and perfect German!

• Nearly 150 comprehensive Microsoft® Excel® Templates for Daily Use
• Private and Business Spread Sheets, Calculations, Tables, Diagrams
• Clearly and Thematically Arranged
• Including Preview and Search Features
• Perfectly optimized for OS X El Capitan


• Business Calculations
e.g. Sales / Turnover Figures Overview, Working Capital Calculation, Balance Sheet with Profit & Loss, Break-Even Analysis, Cash Flow Calculation, Printing Cost Calculation, IT Cost Reduction, Yearly Earnings/Expenditure Overview, Monthly Revenue/Expenditure, Revenue Calculation Freelancer, Revenue/Surplus Account, Financial Plan, Profit Review first in first out, Business Plan Annual, Projection, Fleet Costs, Pricing, Capital Calculation, Compare Credit Leasing, Linear/digressive Depreciation, Liquidity Statement, Liquidity Plan, Engineering/Manufacturing costs, Printing Machine Costs, Calculate Price with Quantity Discount, Product Life Cycles, Project Investments, Sales Commissions, Residual Value Calculation Leasing, Quarterly sales planning, Product Sales Cost Top Down, Capital Saving Period

• Private Calculations
e.g. Car Checklist, Home Loan Calculator, Effective Interest Calculation, Financial Assets Calculator, Cell Phone Monitoring Costs, Property Calculation, Yearly Interest Calculation, Buy or Rent?, Monthly Interest Calculation, Long-term Care Services, Installment Loan Calculation, Pension Calculation, Savings Plan, Daily Interest Calculation, Amortization Schedule Real Estate, Compounded Interest Calculation, Rate per Cent Calculation, Compound Interest Table

• Tables
e.g. Stock Portfolio Management, Expenses per Quarter, Gasoline Costs Annual Consumption, Accounting Transaction Protocol, Accounting Documents, Budget Report, Office Equipment Management, Energy Consumption Year Overview, Travel Expenses Accounting, Fixed Costs Index, Budget Book, Cash Book, Vehicle Operating Costs, Car Price Comparison, Vehicle Costs without Depreciation, Accounting Costs, Health Insurance Comparison, Absenteeism Overview, Customer List, Housing Management, Porto Overview, Invoice Book, Bill Issue Paper, Travel Expenses, Timesheet, Sales Chart

• Diagrams, Pie Chart

• Forms & Lists
e.g. Posting, Ordering, Order with a copy, Exemption Order, Credit Form, Motor Vehicle Purchase Contract, Quotation, Resume/Curriculum Vitae, Wage/Payroll Form, Current Payroll Employment in Small Volume, Current Payroll Short-Term Employment, Reminder Form, Acknowledgement Form, Invoice Form , Invoice Form with a copy, Lessons Liberation, Comparison of Bids, Bank Accounts Overview, Bank IBAN Directory, Price Lists, Advertising Plan

• Printing Templates
Answer Postcard, Letter Paper, Labels, Fax Templates, Register Cover Sheets, Filers, Package Label, Postcard with lot number, Price labels

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