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Effortlessly Create Professional Websites with All the Features in Under 10 Minutes.

GIZI stands out as the easiest DIY Nocode Website builder for iPhone, offering a seamless website-building experience.

Whether You're Showcasing Your Portfolio for That Dream Job, Launching a Professional Business Website, Creating a Standout Bio Link for Your Social Media, Crafting a Wedding Invitation Website, or Sharing Insightful Blogs — GIZI Has Got You Covered.

• Professional Websites
Craft full-fledged, desktop-class websites with advanced features.

• Easy-to-Edit
Create and edit your website with our remarkably user-friendly Visual Website Editor.

• Get Your Online Address
Easily set up a website domain within the app, without any complex configurations.

• Design It Yourself
No need to start from scratch. Choose a website template that suits your needs, and personalize your website with themes, colors, over 50+ fonts, and access to 3-million free images.

• Engage Your Audience
Connect with your website visitors through Messaging and Newsletter services, with seamless integration with Mailchimp.

• Understand Your Visitors
Receive real-time visitor notifications and access in-depth analytics.

Thousands of Everyday-iPhone users have successfully designed and launched their websites with GIZI.

Get Started for FREE: Your first website is on us, and it's free forever with all the features.

새로운 기능

버전 5.33

• Performance Improvements
• UI Changes
• Added Language Support for GIZI Websites: Spanish, Russian, Indonesian, and French (Check Website Settings in the Website Editor)
• Validation for Detecting Unsafe Website Links

Fun fact: The maximum length for a website address is 63 characters because of domain restrictions. An example of this is

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