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Gnowbe’s award-winning authoring tool empowers creators to design, facilitate and analyze shared learning experiences- ideal for training and onboarding.

Key features include:
- Microlearning
- Social learning
- Push and email notifications
- Offline access
- Mobile-first design
- Accessible on any device
- In depth data and analytics
- Gamification
- Certification
- Personalization
- Scheduled session deployment
- Integration with >200 platforms

Gnowbe is designed based on cutting-edge research and the science of learning, making it incredibly easy to create highly engaging and impactful trainings that move away from passive content consumption into reflective application. With a seamless desktop/mobile experience and support for over 100 languages, Gnowbe empowers creators and supports learners anytime, anywhere.

Creators most commonly create:
- Onboarding experiences for remote teams
- Safety, health and wellness equipping
- Certification prep
- New learning experiences (blended, online)
- Digital workbooks
- E-learning courses
- Coaching and feedback programs
- Sales and product playbooks
- Team engagement, fun & games
- Daily habit forming programs

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버전 11.5.0

In this release we have added additional features that will make curating of the content much easier. As a curator, you are now able to use our powerful Gnowbe AI features for text and image generation.

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2개의 평가

2개의 평가

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Gnowbe has cracked mobile learning. Period.

I generally have low expection for learning platforms. But Gnowbe is totally different. They know how to engage your mind with an app. Engaging the mind is key to learning as we all know.

Using Gnowbe was such a qualitatively different experience than any other apps, most of which make you a passive learner. Try it and you will be glad you did.

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