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GSA ZONE enables golfers to instantly learn about their golf swings with ease. It records your swing motion and provides professional swing analysis to improve your swing power. New functions, Power Zone and Power Release Point, illustrate the the difference between your release point and the optimal release point. Some guidelines can help you to improve your swing motions when you have over-swung and the angle of shaft when you strike the ball. 3BaysGSA ZONE sends the information straight to your smart phone by using this GSA ZONE app. Amongst the many features like calculating your tempo, Face Angle, Club Head Speed and Ball Distance, it can actually record your swing locus and compare that to your previous best or your coach’s swing locus, a graphical feedback that can improve your understanding of your swing.

Golfers can instantly see on GSA ZONE app –
1. 3D animations with 3D viewing complied from the 10,000 data points captured per swing
2. Swing Power Release Point Indicator.
3. Power Zone
4. Over-swing Alerter
5. Shaft lean at impact - It helps to identify if you have hit the top of the ball, bottom or square at impact. Directly related to face angle.
6. Auto-Video Recording
7. 3BaysCloud web service – it provides further data analysis/statistics on web and you can share swing records to your friends or golf coach.
8. The following 15 parameters:

Swing parameters along the path:
Hand Speed
Club Speed
Top of Backswing
Shaft Lean
Release Point

Swing result:
Top of Backswing Point
Shaft Lean
Face Angle
Club Head Speed
Swing Path
Ball Distance
Backswing Time
Downswing Time

새로운 기능

버전 1.04

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

- Support Glance latest firmware for showing swing info
- US users default use Imperial unit settings.

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