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What is a GUID?
A GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) is a pseudo-random string consisting of 32 letters (A-F) / numbers (0-9) and 4 hyphens. The application area for GUIDs is manifold. For example, GUIDs can be used to uniquely identify objects, files, or documents.

What is GUID generator?
The GUID generator is a program for generating GUIDs. Furthermore, it is possible to perform a syntactic check of strings, whether they meet the requirements of a GUID, ie the 8-4-4-4-12 format consisting of the allowed characters.

The GUID generator was developed with SWIFT specifically for iOS. As a result, it is optimally integrated into the system, offers optimum app feeling, best performance, requires minimal storage space and system-specific functionalities.

Create GUID
The core functionality of this program is generating GUIDs. The GUIDs can be generated either in upper case letters or in lower case letters.

Check GUID
To check the syntax of individual strings, they can be entered in the result text field. Valid strings are colored in green, invalid strings with red color.

The exchange with other applications is possible via the device's own clipboard (copy and paste) as well as via sharing function of iOS.

Summary of functions:
- Generate GUID
- Check string for GUID-syntax
- Copy
- Paste
- Share
- Convert to upper case
- Convert to lower case

새로운 기능

버전 1.0.2

Update to the newest version of swift and Xcode.

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