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Packed with smart and powerful features to help you learn anything!

• Use the "Smart" order to study cards based on your active quiz and self-graded study performance.

• Take dynamic quizzes from your decks: spelling, multiple choice, fill in the blank, typing, drawing, audio, ordering, matching, true/false, tap the visual area.

• Configure your quizzes: number of questions, card side, card order, time limit, redo (all, same, missed, correct), similar/random answer options, star, color tags, autoplay questions & answers.

• Transform your images into dynamic visual decks with custom-defined touch areas for interactive learning.

• Add rich text, photos, videos, URLs, drawings, lists, and audio to your cards.

• Export subjects, decks, and cards to backup or share as study guides with friends (delimited text files, PDF, Mighty, images, audio, video).

• Import subjects, decks, and cards as text, images, audio, and video.

• Conveniently import delimited text files by configuring the encoding, delimiter, header, and column map.

• Autoplay mode for convenient hands-free learning that automatically plays text, audio, video, and fullscreen images.

• Quickly create new cards using built-in Image-to-Text and Speech-to-Text capabilities.

• Group and categorized your cards using customizable color tags.

• Study a custom selection of decks using stacks.

• Shuffle your cards and change the card face showing (front/back, back/front, random).

• Drag & drop text or images directly into a deck to quickly create cards (via iPad Multitasking).

• Built-in drawing/annotation/grid tools, audio recorder, and highlighter (multiple colors).

• Move, copy, combine, and split your subjects, stacks, decks, and cards.

• Sort by name, date added, date updated, date viewed, study progress, count cards/decks, or custom.

• Mark and filter your learned cards.

• Search for subjects, stacks, decks, cards, descriptions, and hints.

• Bookmark your subjects, stacks, decks, and cards for quick access.

• Add descriptions to your subjects, stacks, and decks.

• Batch apply settings to subjects, stacks, and decks.

• Configure learning settings for each deck (text-to-speech, autoplay).

• Configure appearance settings (Dark Mode, text alignments, font sizes, transitions).

• Use external keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate, create, and edit your cards.


Contact & Support: mighty.flashcards@gmail.com

새로운 기능

버전 7.2.1

• Removed auto-correction from typing quizzes.

평가 및 리뷰

16개의 평가

16개의 평가

Junho751 ,


Please add function to adjust all subject sorting, card display, TST

개발자 답변 ,

Hello Junho751,

Studium has been updated to support batch settings. If you are still experiencing any issues then please email me at studium.flashcards@gmail.com.

Thank you for using Studium!

아름다운이과 ,


thank you

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