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· Create your story with 200+ templates from collections like Film Frames and Ripped Paper
· Use advanced text tools with curated fonts and add unique stickers
· Capture your content with the Unfold Camera and edit with 15 filters and effects
· Export your stories in high resolution for seamless sharing to other platforms

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Thanks for creating with Unfold! We love hearing your ideas and feedback. Email us at hello@unfold.com or DM us on Instagram at @unfold.

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버전 5.0.2

What's new in this version:

– Introducing the STAY HOME collection: 6 free templates to help you connect with your loved ones and support those who need it.

We love hearing your ideas and feedback. Email us at hello@unfold.com or DM us on Instagram at @unfold.

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1.5천개의 평가

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unfold NINE

동영상 저장시 에러 팝업이 뜨거나 앱이 종료되버립니다. 수정부탁드려요. 이번 unfold NINE처럼 seven, eight 등등도 시리즈처럼 있었으면 좋겠어요.

앱 내 구입

Film Frames (FF2)
15 templates inspired by vintage photography
Journal Collection (JN1)
15 templates for the nostalgic storytellers
15 templates for the creative rebels
Film Frames (FF1)
15 templates inspired by analog photography
Ripped Paper (RP1)
15 templates for the creative rebels
Digital Wave (DW1)
15 templates for those raised by internet


Unfold Creative, LLC

iOS 10.0 버전 이상이 필요. iPhone, iPad 및 iPod touch와(과) 호환.


러시아어, 스페인어, 영어, 이탈리아어, 인도네시아어, 일본어, 중국어(간체), 터키어, 포르투갈어, 프랑스어

연령 등급
앱 내 구입
  1. CS2 and Dark Theme Mode ₩1,200
  2. Film Frames (FF1) ₩2,500
  3. CS3 ₩1,200


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    가족 공유를 설정하면 최대 6명의 가족 구성원이 이 앱을 사용할 수 있습니다.

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