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The Eventboost App is a mobile event check-in tool that expands Eventboost online platform capabilities to on-site services. Fully integrated to the event management platform, it is available in 6 different languages (EN, FR, DE, ES, IT, PT) and extremely responsive to Event Organizers' needs, ensuring the most accurate and customized guest check-in for any type of events.

The Eventboost App is designed to streamline on-site guest check-in, print name badges in moments, add walk-ins, and monitor event attendance in real-time. Event Organizers can use it on one or multiple synched tablets to retrieve the most accurate details and insights about the check-in stage.  

Event Organizers can manage guest reception for single and multiple-day events, as well as on-site check-in for breakout sessions during the day. Mainly, they love:

- Downloading the most up-to-date guest list from the web platform instantly
- Searching guests by entering their last name
- Managing Express Check-in by scanning individual QR codes to secure event access
- Printing name badges or adhesive labels on-demand and in different formats
- Visualizing only guests’ details that are relevant for the check-in stage and the staff
- Adding walk-ins and their accompanying by collecting their personal data
- Enabling guests’ digital signatures and storing them in the Eventboost platform
- Managing articulated privacy policies and collecting consents options
- Pre-assigning table and seats
- Working in offline mode when the wireless signal is weak or not available at the venue
- Retrieving real-time statistics at any stage of the event
- Monitoring event participation, sessions’ attendance, and new guests added on-site

Eventboost is GDPR compliant when managing guests’ data. 

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버전 5.2

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