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iFraction is a calculator for fraction math. This app aims to help you to deal with everyday fraction problems.

If you are a student who is up late at night trying to do homework, this app can make your life easier.

If you are constructors, wood workers or 3D designers,... who are working in a variety of fractions, this app can help your work better.

If you are confused with fractions, this app will show you the steps of these equations.

Key feature:
- Compute fraction math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
- Explain equations step by step
- Calculate both decimals and fractions in one calculator
- Convert decimal number to fraction and vice versa
- Triple keypad display to help you enter fraction number fast
- Calculate very big number (UP TO 18 DIGITs)
- Save your previous calculations so you can double check them later

With iFraction, you can:
- Check your kids' math homework
- Adjust recipe quantities for a larger guest list.
- Working on a home project in inches
- Perform normal calculation as the normal calculator but with bigger supported value range.
- And more...

Let iFraction help you turn your iPhone, iPod, and iPad into a handful calculator.

새로운 기능

버전 2.0

- Save histories
- Explain equations

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