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Italia Virtual Reality is the first app developed by ENIT – Italian National Tourist Board which allows you to discover the Italian beauties from a unique viewpoint: yours!
In this app you will find art, history, territory, culture, food and wine, and a bit of dolce vita, and you will have the chance to live authentic experiences, wherever you are.

Italia Virtual Reality is a project by ENIT – Italian National Tourist Board for an innovative promotion of our Country, focusing on the great UNESCO Heritage of Italy.

The app offers 3 immersive experiences, but will be continuously updated with new contents and you will be notifiedby push notifications.

You can choose between two viewing modes: 360 or VR, the VR requires the use of a virtual reality viewer attached to your smartphone.
Install the app, choose a theme and then select an experience to live.

Italy Virtual Reality is an innovative app and as such may not work properly on all devices. Make sure the phone is equipped with a gyroscope and accelerometer, characteristics essential for the proper functioning not only of the Italy Virtual Reality application, but also of all the virtual reality content that can be accessed via smartphones. These sensors allow the device to recognize even the smallest movements of the head and adapt the image accordingly, which otherwise appears still.
In any case, any functioning problem can be reported to info@italiavirtualreality.com.

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버전 2.0

Performance improved


ENIT Agenzia Nazionale del Turismo

iOS 11.2 버전 이상이 필요. iPhone, iPad 및 iPod touch와(과) 호환.



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