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KBS World is a television channel for international audiences provided by the Korean Broadcasting System(KBS). It's your premier window of KBS 1TV and 2TV’s latest and most popular programs with English subtitles.

Download this complimentary KBS World app today to enjoy those high-quality contents including global K-pop fans community service.


1. Home
The collection of KBS World TV main services

2. VOD
Full videos and short clips of KBS World TV’s latest and most popular programs with English subtitles

3. Entertainment
Behind-the-Scene still cuts from KBS dramas, variety shows, and K-pop programs

4. KOKO WorldKBS World Community Service where you can communicate with global KBS World fans

5. More
Real time On-Air service (KBS World, World24, World Latino), Event, Program Schedule

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34개의 평가

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영상도 좋고 디자인도 굿 !!!

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영어공부할겸 했는데 국내에선 안되나봐요~

Riitahaddad ,

Download to save a life

Every international kpop lover out there knows the struggle to find subbed videos of their bias groups or interviews or even Kdramas and variety show episodes. KBS is literally the only channel that subs all of their videos, which is a gift from god already. And by making this app available, KBS is like the gift that keeps on giving. The app is pretty easy to use which is great. Also it keeps you updated on every new thing that comes out, whether it's an interview, a kdrama episode, or an appearance of kpop groups on variety shows. It creates an environment where you can chat and meet other kpoppers from around the world. Not to mention it creates for us the opportunity to leave messages for our idol groups. This app is truly a must on every kpopper's phone.


KBS Media Co.

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