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Welcome to the Kooky World!
Kooky is a K-Pop fandom platform where international fans can support their artists and connect without borders online and offline.

> Support your artists with Kooky & Loovy
1 Kooky is worth 1 vote, while 1 Loovy is worth 10 votes.

> Your favorite Fan-ily Events are on Kooky
Explore what’s coming up in your city.

> Share your artist love with Kooky Friends
Engage with your community.

K-pop Unites: Support Connect Shine!

> Users' Reviews

"What a wonderful app to support my idols! Kooky allows us to make our idols shine by voting on polls, writing magazine articles, holding cafe events, and more. I've been having a great experience; thank you, Kooky!"

"Love the initiative Kooky is going for! I find there isn't a central place to engage with many K-pop groups in one place outside of Korean apps, so I'm excited to see what else they will bring. So far, the app runs well, and I appreciate how it helps connect fans globally. Great job!"

"Five stars because there's a lot of improvement from before. They're also responsive and appreciate feedback from their users. Kooky not only provides a platform for fans but truly values and acknowledges user feedback. Thank you for being so user-centric!"

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버전 4.48

We’ve fixed some bugs and improved features to make Kooky even better.

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30개의 평가

30개의 평가

ㅇㅅ∗❛ัᴗ❛ั∗ ,

덕질하기 최적의 어플!!

매거진이 너무 알차요!!!
코시국에 덕질하기 힘들었는데 ㅠㅠ
더 성장해서 덕질의 성지가 되길❤️❤️❤️

야옹야옹뚱냥이우는소리 ,

앱이 귀여워요

커뮤니티에 덕질하는 사진들이 올라와서 좋아요☺️☺️☺️

쁑뺑 ,

디자인이 예뻐서

사용할 때 기분이 좋아져요☺️

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