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Make your own stickers in a snap

LINE Sticker Maker lets anyone quickly create beautiful LINE stickers for free.

Transform your pets, friends, and kids into LINE stickers and share them with the world! You can also make private stickers to share with just your friends and family.

Here's what you can do with LINE Sticker Maker
• Add messages to photos and turn them into stickers.
• Use a wide range of filters to customize your stickers.
• Use Canvas to freely paint original sticker illustrations.
• Use your LINE Avatar to make a sticker set that's all you. ※Note that this feature is currently only available to users in Japan.
• Submit your stickers for review and put them on sale in the Sticker Shop all from your phone.
• You can choose to release your stickers with or without revenue sharing. If you disable revenue sharing, you can download your own creations for free.

Note: All stickers must pass content review before they can be released.

LINE Sticker Maker Official Site

If you encounter any problems with the app, please get in touch.

새로운 기능

버전 5.16.0

Update Details
- Various bug fixes and functionality improvements.
Review Process
All stickers have to pass our internal review process before they can be sold in the Sticker Shop.The review takes approximately two days, but in some cases may be done in several hours (as of February 2021). You must submit your stickers again if they are rejected.
Here are some tips to prevent your stickers from being rejected.
Before You Begin
- Read the Sticker Review Guidelines.
When Applying for Review
- Keep your number of sale regions to a minimum. The more regions you release to, the more conditions your stickers have to meet to pass their review.
- To allow only a select number of people see your stickers, select "Hide in LINE STORE/Sticker Shop" under Privacy Setting.
Please check the FAQ for more details.

Have questions or concerns about LINE Sticker Maker? Use the following form to get in touch.

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