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MagicIWB Agent is a companion client application of Samsung ís proprietary MagicIWB software solution. This solution can be use by both Enterprise and Education sector to have enhanced interactive session experience during Class room lecture or Business meeting.

Magic IWB solution have following component-

1. MagicIWB Board I: The Interactive Whiteboard is a solution that allows user to draw freely and use multimedia content over a large touch screen with touch gestures.
2. MagicIWB Manager: It is an application that allows user to control and monitor the participant devices (MagicIWB Agent application). It also allows screen sharing among participants, remotely controlling device and many more features for Class/Meeting management.
3. MagicIWB Agent: It is an application to be used by participants of the interactive session.

MagicIWB Agent application has following features-
- Join the Class/Meeting opened by the MagicIWB Manager/Board I
- Question: Send a question to MagicIWB Manager with text/annotation and file attachments
- Upload file: Send multimedia files from MagicIWB Agent device to MagicIWB Manager/Board I.
- Document Viewer: To view documents shared by MagicIWB Manager/Board I. Participant who has authority can perform annotation remotely over the currently opened document and share with all the participants.
- Quick Memo - MagicIWB Agent can send memo with text/annotation to MagicIWB Manager/Board I.
- Shared Folder - MagicIWB Agent can share file(s) locally on the device, these files can be accessed from Board I PC for Add, Delete and Update operation.

How to use:
- Network Environment: To attend a Class/Meeting, ensure that MagicIWB Manager/Board I PC and MagicIWB Agent device(s) are in the same wireless network.
- Connect to MagicIWB Manager/Board I: In Device search screen you can see currently hosted Class/Meeting list. Select a Class/Meeting to join in the session.

MagicIWB Manager Link:

This version support following language
- English and Korean

새로운 기능

버전 NA-EBDTI-4023

- Bug Fixes .
- Compatibility Issues Fixed.


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iOS 7.0 버전 이상이 필요. iPad와(과) 호환.


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