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We are Manta – the ultimate digital comic provider app that brings the captivating worlds of epic stories, manga, manhwa, and comics right to your fingertips. Manta is an OFFICIAL and LEGIT comics provider with a vast range of romance, comedy, action, fantasy, yaoi(BL), and horror. Immerse yourself in a universe of limitless stories, stunning artwork, and boundless creativity.

Manta – Discover Your Perfect Story
• Try out our biggest title "Under the Oak Tree", beloved by millions of readers
• Want something exclusive? You'll love Manta’s Original story, Finding Camellia, The Superheroes of Class F, Werewolves Going Crazy over Me or The Beau and the Beast.
• Looking for love stories to read with your door closed? Check out The Tainted Half, Totem's Realm, and The Golden Forest.
• For some yaoi(BL), check out Semantic Error, The Dangerous Convenience Store, The New Recruit, and The Director Who buys me Dinner

Blockbuster Stories:
We recommend you try the following binge-worthy stories that will keep you up all night.
• Under the Oak Tree
• The Tainted Half
• Finding Camellia
• The Beau and the Beast
• I've Become a True Villainess
• Semantic Error
• Totem's Realm
• Werewolves Going Crazy Over Me
• Disobey the Duke if You Dare
• My Husband, My Sister, and I
• The Fallen Duke & the Knight Who Hated
• Fly Me to the Moon
• Betrayal of Dignity
The Flower of Veneration
• The New Recruit
• The Dangerous Convenience Store
• No Love Zone
• Lies Become You
• And so much more!

Manta's Special Features:
Stories Without Interruptions
• Electrify your daily life with exclusive stories and original titles you can't read anywhere else
• No pay-per-episodes, unlimited access to all stories for just a price of a coffee.
• Or just use free daily passes to access new stories and keep up to date with your favorites
• Choose from various genres that fit every mood, and indulge in exclusive, top-trending manhwa, kmangas, manga, and webtoons
• Fastest updates - no need to wait to read the latest updates
• Endless manhwa and manga library - read all of the stories that we have to offer
• Comic book reader with everyday updates - stay engaged with stories you can come back to every day

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버전 24.2.317

We're always looking for ways to improve your experience with us. We stepped up our game and made some small and big changes here and there. Update your app to enjoy!

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96개의 평가

96개의 평가

HaywardUSK ,

Awesome app!

I’ve just started reading webtoons. I always thought it was too hard to read a cartoon on the small phone screen but with this app I can read super easily. This app is definitely the best user friendly app, and there are a lot of contents.. I’m not even sure if I can read all of them haha. Given the names of authors and illustrators, I believe the cartoons are from Korea but the translation is on point!

I see there are lots of genres but I need to keep scrolling down to find the one I like.
It’d be better if there’s a menu on which I can choose a genre easily. It was a bit hard to find a genre that I like..

It’d be also nice to have a personalization option where I can pin my favorite genres to the top

개발자 답변 ,

Hi there! Thanks for the kind words 🥺 We feed off of feedback like yours to improve our service! We'll definitely keep your suggestions in mind as we move forward. Keep an eye out for our next update~ For now, get binging 😎

Anniedahyun415 ,

Very cool App~

Recently, I watched a lot of webtoons, so I wanted to read them without any burden. But that's when I got to know manga comics!!! It's so nice to be able to read webtoons while studying English!👍💞

ccchhheeebbb ,

Love this app!!

I’ve been using this app everyday. I love it so much!!

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