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Endurance lets you broadcast your progress live at long distance sports events so friends and family can follow your progress online.

Map My Tracks Endurance is a super lightweight, low-power GPS tracker that broadcasts your progress live during long distance sports events like marathons, gran fondo sportives or sailing regattas.

Endurance uses as little power as possible and can track live for well over 24 hours on one charge.

It's the perfect companion when cycling in a gran fondo sportive or running in a marathon where you want to keep your friends, family or sponsors up to date with your progress with live updates on

Map My Tracks Endurance seamlessly connects with where you can keep a log of all your activities, share them with friends and analyze your performance.

Requires a free account where your friends and family can follow the action. Create an account directly from within Endurance or sign up online at

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Please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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