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Capture images in 3D camera
- Capture a 3D picture with the truedepth(front) camera or the dual(rear) camera.
- Automatically extract the depth map and convert it into a stereoscopic3D image in real time.
- Select the front or rear camera and press the 3D button to take a 3D image.

3D Effect Editing
- You can edit the depth in the images taken with Mcamera3D.
- Images of '2D+Depth map' can be converted(saved) into a Side by Side format.
- 2D pictures can be converted into Side by Side format.
- you can edit the depth from the 2D picture that converted into a side by side format.

See 3D images
You can view all the images taken by Mcamera3D as stereoscopic3D images.
All pictures taken in the portrait mode of the iPhone can be viewed in stereoscopic3D images.
All 2D photos can be viewed as stereoscopic3D using 2D/3D converting funtion.
- Analyzes the user’s position and recalibrates up to 30 times a second to offer the best 3D visual quality
Easy and fast setting provides a perfect three-dimensional experience.
- Use with Snap3D to watch stereoscopic3D images.
- Snap3D is available at www.mopic3D.com/product
- Deliver high-resolution, three-dimensional images using precision lenticular Lenses with Snap3D.

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버전 1.1.2

bug fixed.

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MOPIC Co., Ltd.

iOS 11.4 버전 이상이 필요. iPhone, iPad 및 iPod touch와(과) 호환.


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