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Rated the #1 Headache and Migraine Tracking App. Join close to 3 million users who are taking control of their headaches and migraine.

Migraine Buddy’s Best Features to Track, Identify, Analyse and Take Control:

- Track attacks, manage symptoms and find triggers
- Analyse attacks across time and discover patterns
- Receive reports designed by the best specialists
- Specialised weather analysis including pressure forecast for trigger management
- Educate and empower yourself to gain the most out of your consultations with medical professionals
- Community-sourced knowledge and chat groups
- [MBplus] Predict risks, anticipate attacks and find the best reliefs to recover faster
- [MBplus] Specialist coaching plans designed by specialists to help you take control quicker
- [MBplus] Advanced reports, including advanced weather pattern analysis, trigger analysis, symptom analysis
- [MBplus] Actionable programs that help you reach your migraine goals faster

Customisable Attack Recording

Track every aspect of a migraine, and customise it to your needs. Remove, add and rearrange screens to your liking. Discover insights on different triggers, symptoms, medication and relief methods, and how each of them interact in each attack.

Trigger Management

The 48 Hour Pressure Forecast and our Weather Prediction graphs allow you to manage your weather triggers. Plan around upcoming pressure changes and weather variation to minimise headaches or migraine attacks.

Automatic Sleep Recording identifies a relationship between your sleeping routine and the onset of your attacks. Find places of improvement for your sleep routine and reduce your attacks in an actionable manner.

Exportable Reports for your Doctor

Reduce your migraine and headache frequencies with the reports, designed by headache and migraine specialists.

- Diary Report, a detailed report of a specified time period that includes triggers, symptoms and pain level, suitable for specific analysis and diagnosis
- Migraine Impact Report, a high-level, overall summary report that includes the impact of migraine on daily activities, suitable for examining an overall trend

Health Kit Integration

We Integrate with HealthKit to ensure accurate sleep detection. This will sync your sleep records in Migraine Buddy with the data in Sleep Analysis

An Active Community

A welcoming community with nearly 3 million users actively participating to support each other and share knowledge. Join through chat groups or on our socials and find people who are going through the same thing as you.

Migraine Insights & News

An in-app newsfeed with regular posts related to migraine. Learn about migraine, know more about the app and be aware of the latest migraine news. Answer questionnaires and learn about the other users.

Want specialised help? Get MBplus!

Need guidance? Want results faster? With MBplus, you’ll get:

- 7-day Weather Forecast to help you anticipate your migraine
- Advanced Reports for the best insights on your attacks
- Advanced weather analysis report
- Trigger analysis report
- Symptoms analysis report
- Specialised features based on AI to enhance your attack recording experience
- Trigger suggestions
- Trigger and symptom predictions
- Migraine attack predictions
- Tailored coaching with a qualified nutritionist and migraine coach
- Actionable Programs to help you reach your migraine goals faster

MBplus is optional for users - the core features of the app are always free for everyone.

Terms of use: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

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버전 51.0.8972

We’ve made a few bug fixes and performance improvements for a more pleasant experience.

Menstrual cycle tracking is now available for all users!
For MBplus subscribers: the monthly Weather Report now includes UV index variations.

If you encounter any bugs after the update, please drop me a message at jenny@healint.com.

Wishing you a migraine-free day ahead!
Jenny and the Migraine Buddy Team.

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