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Movie Player is high quality media player. Max video player provided easily playing videos.

Movie MX Player use to play all video in all format. MX Player is use to play video format like AVI,MOV,MP4,WMV,3GP,M4V,MPG,FLV,etc..

Max Video player provided easily playing videos. Full HD video player has features MX Player, Video Max Player.

Max Video player is classic video player for any ios version, Full HD Video Player and most powerfull media player in App Store market that supports all the most popular video without any conversion.

Max Video Player - Video Player HD video to live is support different types of video.

MX Player allows file synchronisation with your computer(iTunes), iCloud Drive.
- Connect your device to iTunes and select your device.
- Select "File Sharing" on the left side of menu of iTunes and look for "MX Player" to transfer files.

MX player show and play all video from your Gallery(Photos).

Features :
- Supports all video format
- Playback speed control
- Set player brightness and volume via touch
- Change speed of video playback
- Set lock of playing video
- Add subtitle to a video
- Save image from Videos
- Add External audio
- Change Aspect Ratio
- Pip Player
- You can directly add video from your PC or through URL
- You can Streaming with Live URL

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버전 2.1

- Minor bug fixes

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93개의 평가

93개의 평가

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