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Oyoung Beauty's vision is Forefront Leader in Health and Beauty Platform by Developing Trust and Delivering Value as a Companion in your care journey. Company provides the following service area:

• Virtual consultation for beauty and health
• In-App purchase for Korea Beauty and Health products and service
• Stem cell base Anti-aging, Hair regeneration, Skincare, and Improving sex life.
• Face contouring, breast implant, lifting, eye, nose plastic surgery
• Non- Invasive Obesity program
• In-depth Health Screening for Cancer, Family History, Lifestyle, and Toxicology Screen

We provide customized consulting services with verified Korean clinics and doctors, caring concierge services, and relevant services for plastic surgery, health, and beauty related surgical and non-surgical treatments in Korea through our all-in-one platform.

1. Free consultation with Korean Plastic Surgeons and Medical Experts.
Using the OYOUNG app, you can review clinic information, doctors' profile, and their specialization and expertise which we have verified so that you can choose the right medical team for you at zero cost. You can submit your photos and questions in your preferred language and the clinics and doctors will respond in your chosen language. Our friendly beauty concierge team can also support the translation required during your online consultation if you need any help!

2. Easy request for price quotation directly to doctors and convenient price comparison at your fingertips.
Using the app, you can ask a few of your shortlisted clinics for the estimated pricing of your desired procedure. Once you have decided on your clinic of choice and your preferred date of surgery, we will guide you through all required documentation and process including your surgery plan and prerequisite health assessment before your departure to Seoul.

3. Organizing your Surgery plan and Detailed schedule.
A comprehensive detailed schedule for your surgery trip will be provided which you can easily share it with friends and family.

4. Add-on services to ensure an enjoyable and hassle-free trip.
No worries at all about your flight arrangement, visa application, accommodation reservation, transportation, and language translation, we can do it all for you! Plan for shopping? Entertainment? Post-surgery care? Or visit local attractions in Seoul? Just let OYOUNG know, and everything will be taken care of!

5. All-about-Beauty Hub.
The latest news in Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Enhancement, Skincare, Lifestyle, Diet, Tips and secrets from Korean stars and artists - all delivered to you directly from Korea.

More than just an App, we listen to our customers’s voices with all our hearts.
We are your best Companion on your journey to Beauty!

OYOUNG application V1.8 with new features:
1. Vietnam Service Providers can register through B2B Web and can be exposed on mobile application.
2. All Service Providers can publish contents, services and product and can sell through OYOUNG application.
3. Easy and simplified payment with VN Pay.
4. In-App purchase for guaranteed and certified products.
5. Contact-free (Untact) medical consultation for health and beauty.
6. OYOUNG Application is certified by Ministry of industry and Trade of Vietnam.
Homepage: www.OYOUNG.co.kr
Facebook: @OYOUNGbeautyvn

Address: 4F Viet Tower Building, 1 Thai Ha street, Trung Liet ward, Dong Da, Ha Noi City, Vietnam
Call center: +84 24 3782 3284 (08:30 - 17:30)

Address: 136 Tran Quang Khai, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Call center: +84 36 848 1666 (08:30 - 17:30) | Hotline 24/7: +84 28 3848 1666

Address: 3F, 464 Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 06123
Call center: +82 70 8808 0888 (10:00 – 19:00)

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버전 1.8.1

We’re pleased to announce V1.8.1 with new features!
1. It is easier NOW to sign up with Facebook, Apple ID, or your own phone number.
2. You can buy products without an acccount.
3. Customers who actively participate in activities on OYOUNG application will be awarded bonus OYOUNG points,
such as shopping, referring friends, and more!
4. Shopping on app is even more convenient with new SHOPPING in the main menu, previously which was under SERVICE.

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