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Create & share your own advertisement!

Do you want to make a nice video advertisement?
You can easily create your own advertisement now.

Pariro is a mobile service which enables users to make and share their own 30-second video advertisement. With verified ad formation and planning tip, anyone can easily make a creative advertisement. Also, you can share your high definition ad through facebook, and play it on any video displays(monitors) and channels.
homepage- http:// pariro.co

It's an app for you who have an urge to make something known to people. You can create a nice video advertisement just for anything whether it's a product, store, restaurant, real estate, food, your little pet, congratulatory message, or even you yourself. And, the results will be just what you'll have expected.

_3 useful ad planning formats will be given.
/Product / Place /Idea/
_18 inspirational idea tips will be given.
/Merit / Design / Usage / Manufacture / Promotion / Your own way / Look like
/ Power up / Like Human / Without it / Strange / Feeling / Humor / Parody
/ Interior / Staffs / Location / User
_Fabulous video filming techniques will be given.
/New out focusing function controlling the focus zone
/After image function enabling various special shooting effects
/Name and message input function with both subtitles and narration
_9 filters for different visual effects will be given.
/Normal / Cosmetics / Coffee / Metal / Food / Vintage / Green / Baby / Clean /
_20 pieces of music made by a nice Korean band Yoojasalon will be given for free.
_Your fabulous video ad can be sent to friends through messages, and be shared through Youtube, facebook.
_Once converted to full high definition (with fee), the video ad can be played on any monitors or broadcasting channels.

Music by yooja salon
> background music list
all about judy
pastel heart
funny bunny
drive me crazy
acoustic breeze
going home
comfortable place
bongo bongo
ukul ukul
latin cosmos
morning breeze
silent river
babydoll classic
project runway
musical girl
man and gun
lion of march
pocket boy

Developd by purpleworks
purpleworks is a developer group in Korea pursuing to develop funnier and better applications. We are hoping to contribute to society through our talent which is enormous.

Made by Indie CF Inc.
Pariro was designed by a nonprofit organization, The Association of Independent Advertising, and made by Indie CF Inc. It was designed for equally anyone to make his or her own advertisements and broadcast them with low cost. The Pariro maker Indie CF participates in various activities to realize commercial equality. We hope that advertisements can contribute to the happiness of man free from the logic of capitalism. Pariro is a Korean pronunciation for 815 which stands for a date, August 15th.

새로운 기능

버전 1.2.3

Bug Fixes
- errors in the recording did not work modified version iOS 7.x
- error correction were a black screen after logging in at facebook share
- indicates information message on the list if there are no recorded images
- modified autocomplete view does not appear when a keypad in iOS 8.x version
- fixed a tooltip error position of the record did not fit
- corrected the tooltip does not fit the current cut.

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5개의 평가

mkocdez ,

하 드디어 나왔구나..

이제야 나오다니.. 더럽.. The love.....

디린디린 ,


쉽고 간단하게 멋진 비디오를 만들어주는 앱

백장선생 ,

cool~!! 좋아요!

영상의 톤이며 느낌이 제법 분위기가 있네요~ 강력추천합니다 bgm도 역시 감동!


IndieCF Inc.
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iOS 7.0 버전 이상이 필요. iPhone, iPad 및 iPod touch와(과) 호환.



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© IndieCF Inc.
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  1. pariro HD export ₩12,000


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