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Meet the smart generation of locking solution which combines RFID and PIN with innovative BLE mobile access technology. The world’s first system of RF user card and smartphone access key synchronization along with the enhanced security algorithm provides more advanced and efficient approach towards managing the locker rooms at various kinds of venues, such as resorts, fitness, schools and universities, hospitals and clinics, private and government entities etc.

Esmart Mobile access solution by Passtech includes two options, which are standalone offline and wireless online systems. Owing to this, the system is very flexible and adaptable to various types of conditions. Moreover, Esmart Mobile can be easily programmed to work in either free or assigned modes along with multi-user (many users are assigned to one lock) and multi-locker (one user manages more than one locker) functions. In addition to that, multi-functionality and accessibility via various credentials makes Esmart Mobile the best solution to meet even the most demanding requirements.

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