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PDF Squeezer - PDF Toolbox is designed for operating PDF files and contains almost all operations you can imagine, such as: compress, merge, split, extract, insert, extract image, convert image, extract text, sequence, encrypt, etc. If you want to easily manipulate PDF, download it, it’s so fantastic!


1. Compress
You can compress PDF files making files smaller to save your valuable disk space;
2. Split
You can split PDF files at will;
3. Extract
You can arbitrarily extract page number from one or more PDF files and merger into a new PDF file;
4. Insert
You can insert one PDF file into another PDF;
5. Extract image
You can specify the page number of PDF file, and then extract the images or convert the whole page into any other image files in specified format(png,jpeg,bmp,tiff,gif);
6. Extract text
You can extract text in PDF and save as txt or rtfd format;
7. Merge
You can easily merge various PDF files that you like into one which is convinent for managing and reading;
8. Sort
You can easily sort PDF pages;
9. Encrypt
You can encrypt PDF files;

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12개의 평가

12개의 평가

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