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The battle game has evolved to this extent!
PROJECT XENO, a new generation of real-time turn-based battle game.
The ultimate battle between 2 players with 3 XENOs and 12 skill cards.
Experience the battle game where strategic deck-building and the ability to rapidly adapt tactics collide!

◆Introducing a revolutionary new game - a "Simultaneous Turn-based" Real-time Competitive Game
The keys to victory are "strategy in deck building" and "tactics to read the battlefield instantly"
Are you ready to rise to the top and claim your place as the ultimate champion? Join the battle today and find out!

▼Create your own deck that applies your strategy and leads to a victory!
The main part of the strategy is the combination of the battle deck!
The deck consists of 3 XENOs, 12 skill cards, and a wide variety of skills, weapons, and charms for the XENOs themselves.
Experiment with different combinations to create a variety of tactics!
As you win battles, more powerful skill cards become available to further enhance your deck!

▼Tactical decisions will determine the winner in a competitive battle!
Battles proceed in real time, and lapses in decision-making will determine the winner.
Attack your opponent's weak points instantly and precisely, and use your skill cards and special skills to win!

▼Compete online against rivals from all over the world!
As you win battles, your rank will increase, and you will receive more luxurious rewards!
Use strategy and tactics and rise to the top of the Arena Battles!

- An exciting real-time online PvP battle that discerns the rival's mind!
- The simultaneous turn system makes the game more fair play, and your true skills will be tested!
- Developing your deck little by little for victory is also fun!
- Simple controls and rules, but with a deep battle of strategies!

◆System Requirements
Recommended: iOS 13.0 or later / iPhone 11 or newer
Minimum: iOS 12.0 or later / iPhone 8 or newer
*There are cases in which the game may not be applicable or work properly even if you meet the above criteria.

◆Official Website

◆Official Twitter
*Official hashtag #PROJECTXENO

◆Official Discord

새로운 기능

버전 1.13.0

Addition of new class "MONK" and SKILL/WEAPON
Addition of 3 new types of CHARM "Darkness" series
Three new passive skills (Monk Awakening, Sage Awakening, and MONK Killer)
Addition of new gacha and packs to the SHOP
Balance adjustments
Modified so that the inheritance of "Initial Holder" to XENO/GENESIS does not cost U-coins.
Fixed a bug that the achievement of the number of XENO held by the player was not completed until new XENO was acquired, even if the condition had been met in advance.
Fixed a bug in the "Use Achievement" that the achievement status did not progress even if the conditions for the achievement of using two different skills at the same time were met.
Fixed a bug in which the number of times the "Messenger of Silence" achievement was not counted when the "Tornado" skill was used in Arena Battles.
Fixed a bug in which DRUID's SPECIAL SKILL could not be selected as an inherited ability.
Fixed a bug in which a special skill exclusive for the collaboration was inherited by the collaboration NFT XENO/GENESIS, but a normal special skill was inherited by the collaboration NFT XENO/GENESIS.
Fixed a bug in which the deck in limited tournaments would sometimes freeze when trying to equip a non-degradable COMMON weapon.
Fixed a bug in which canceling the purchase of Battle Pass Season 11 would cause the game to become inoperable.
Fixed a bug in which the HP of PALADIN acquired before the last maintenance showed a value equivalent to Lv1.
Fixed a bug in which icon images and effect descriptions in the "Details" section of some WEAPON/CHARMs were not always displayed correctly.
Fixed a bug in which effects and DRUID were not displayed correctly when using DRUID's SPECIAL SKILL "Ice Age".
Fixed a bug in which XENO cannot be used as a "material" for the GENESIS promotion challenge.
Other minor UI adjustments and bug fixes

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