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SGMCHAIN Wallet is SGMCHAIN Blockchain Asset Management Platform.

It is a wallet service that allows you to store all the SGMCHAIN related assets secured with the SGMCHAIN Wallet and use blockchain-based services conveniently.
The SGMCHAIN Wallet can easily generate the wallets through membership registration, and you can conveniently deposit and transfer assets with a mobile app wallet.

● Reliable and simple mobile environment
- It provides an optimized UI for mobile transactions.
- Check out my assets on one screen.
- Simple transfer using the ‘MY(Address Book)’.

● Convenient and Easy Transfer
- Simply transfer assets by select and copy the Wallet address, QR scan, and address book.
- Based on the blockchain, you can transfer money through the apps anytime, anywhere, 24/7.

● What is SGMCHAIN(SGM)?
- The SGMCHAIN(SGM) is the basic cryptocurrency of the SGMCHAIN blockchain. Tokens issued by the SGMCHAIN network based on SGMCHAIN(SGM) are called ‘SGM Tokens’.
- Based on SGMCHAIN independent Mainnet, SGM Tokens can be used for various services due to its fast and easy way of token issuance using smart contracts, contributing to popularization.

● Core features of SGMCHAIN
1. SGMCHAIN’s DDPoS algorithm resolves the security risks of DPoS (3rd generation).
- DDPoS (Dual Delegated Proof of Stake) uses a total of 21 delegated nodes, where 17 Master nodes are fixed and the remaining 4 nodes are randomly selected.
Because of these randomly chosen nodes, the risk of collusion between master nodes decreases.

2. Token standard Protocol SASTA (SGMCHAIN Alliance Standard Token Agreement)
- Using the SASTA token protocol, SGMCHAIN blockchain users can build a safe and secure digital infrastructure.

● Curious about the SGMCHAIN?
- SGMCHAIN Homepage :

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버전 1.0.9

-Added Gift Card Service

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