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Jonathan Teboul

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Shoppylist is the best app to quickly create shopping lists and share them with family and friends.

Designed for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, the Shoppylist app allows you to quickly create shopping lists with smart suggestions.

New with iOS 17 : You can now use interactive widgets to check items right from the Home and Lock screen.

Share your shopping lists with family and friends, it is fast and easy.

Shoppylist is an easy-to-use app with many features:

-The app suggests items as you tap letters
-Quickly Select items from built-in catalog
-Quickly Access most used items
-Add quantity, description and price to items
-Manage multiple lists
-Use app from Lock Screen
-Items are sorted by category
-Create and Manage your own categories
-Create and Use list templates to create lists faster
-Export / Print your lists
-Display number of remaining items on app icon

Features with the one-time In-App Purchase:

-Sync lists between all your devices (iPhone and iPad)
-Share lists in real time with friends and family
-Backup your lists
-Duplicate your grocery list
-Move an item from a list to another one
-Change theme of each list

새로운 기능

버전 10.5

Widgets are now interactive : you can check items on both Home and Lock Screens (only available with iOS 17)
New app icon

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16개의 평가

16개의 평가

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sinboy90 ,


it does not support price sum list

it only price each item but do not show sum result

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