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SUPER SOCO Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd (SUPER SOCO) focuses on providing new energy-powered smart transportation solutions for city travel. With the devotion to entertain the players, it provides the global users with new "cool and fun" technology products so that more people can enjoy the fun of riding.

Everything about SUPER SOCO is fun..

-Motorcycle status
Self-inspect with one button, Real-time location, Remain battery capacity,
Riding tracks;

User manual, Service points;

Vehicle management, App settings

All of this come from the perfect combination of the exclusive customized BMOS intelligent communication system and the SUPER SOCO App.

Know riding more, know you better
Search www.supersoco.com for more information.

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버전 1.5.2

Fixed some known bugs


Supersoco Intellignet Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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