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Surfing Culture & Media.

Surfergraphy, a compound of surfer and -graphy, means to picture surfers. We focused on ‘surfer’ instead of ‘surfing’ or ‘surf’ because Surfergraphy aims to be a magazine telling the stories of the people, rather than the experience itself.

Those who understand surfing would know that anybody can surf, while not all of them can be called surfers. Mere skills or experience are not enough to make you a real surfer. Surfergraphy pursues to be a documentary seeking the real meaning of surfers throughout the time.

A surfer would resemble a wave, flexible but strong, free but steady. A surfer would appear harmonious but sure in color, open to the world but always seeking one’s true self.

Surfing could be a big part of life for some, an extreme sport for others, or a rare romantic moment for few. We have our own different ways to appreciate surfing, but we could all agree on the want to let ourselves free, on the raw energy of sea, away from the gravity of life for the moment.

Surfergraphy will collect memories. The thrill of riding the first wave, the gasp when caught in the roaring wave, the fear of facing death, the awe towards the nature, we would like to capture all these precious moments.

Surfergraphy is the archive of your memories and mine, and will become the shared history of us. To remember the very beginning when the wave and a board were enough to excite us like kids, Surfergraphy will be the cherishable history of surfing.

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92개의 평가

ayobk ,

Amazing surf photograph application💥

바다에서 서퍼사진작가님들을 만난 뒤엔 설레는 맘으로 서퍼그라피 어플을 들여다보게 됩니다.
너무 편리하고 좋은 서퍼에 의한 서퍼를 위한 멋진 어플!!🖤 헤헤헤 무료어플이고, 웨이브(사진구매를 위한 단위)를 매일 얻어갈 수 있는 시스템도 좋아요!!!!
더 응원할게요! 감사합니다 화이팅!!!!

zizi221 ,

헛! 인스타로 알게 됐는데 좋은 거 같아요!

항상 누가 사진 찍어주길 원했는데! 제가 제 모습을 볼 수 없으니 어디를 고쳐야 하는지 알지 못 하잖아요! 너무 좋은 거 같아요! 게다가 좋은 사진도 건질 수 있다면 일석이조!☺️ 동해안 모든 스팟에 서핑 사진이 올라오는 그날까지🤙

토토쥬 ,

한국에도 이런어플이!!

사진한장한장이 소중한 주말서퍼입니다~ 액션캠과 지인찬스로 간혹가다 정말 어쩌다가 얻을수 있는 사진들을 서퍼그라피 덕분에 많이는아니지만 즐겁게 라이딩하는 사진을 여러장 간직하게 되었어요 너무너무 감사합니다~활동하시는 서퍼그라피 작가님들도 어플도 너무너무 감사해욤!! 감사한일 천지네요~~^^앞으로도 서퍼그라피가 잘 활동할 수 있게 응원할게요!!!서퍼그라피 빠이팅🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙

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