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Take your indoor training to the next level. From phone to tablet to desktop, this app gets you the best virtual cycling experience. Simply connect your Tacx Smart trainer to the Tacx Training app and the world becomes your playground. Explore our large collection of high-quality training films, including everything from famous spring classics to the Alps. Or create your own workouts, and control just how much pain you’re feeling tomorrow.

While you ride, your speed, power, cadence, and heart rate are displayed on-screen. All your indoor training data automatically loads to the Garmin Connect™ app where you can track and analyze your training stats afterwards.
Year-round cycling has just got simpler.

Download and use the app for free or choose for Premium or Premium HD

Premium and Premium HD:
Streaming high-quality video workouts
3D GPS map workouts
Live opponents
Import your Strava routes or create GPS workouts

Structured workouts based on slope, power, or FTP
Analyze your activities with Garmin Connect
Export your data to Garmin Connect
Sync your workouts and activities between devices

Connects your Smart trainer only through Bluetooth 4.0.

Please Note: Internet access is required. When Internet connection fails, functionality is limited.

Don’t forget to email our support team if you have any questions, concerns, compliments, or feature requests. https://support.garmin.com/en-US/?productID=696770&tab=topics

Designed and Produced in the Netherlands

새로운 기능

버전 4.40.3

Hero challenges: find your next challenge on top of the dashboard.
Challenge time indicator: Keep better track of your challenge progress versus the time limit.
Bug fixes.

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32개의 평가

32개의 평가

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Hi, thank you for your positive feedback. We hope that you keep riding with Tacx!

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Hello, please go to https://cloud.tacx.com/#/settings to manage your subscription. To unlock rides you need a premium subscription.

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