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Talking Gwen the Penguin Lite is the free version of the popular Talking Gwen the Penguin which was featured as New & Noteworthy in Entertainment category when it was released. The Talking Gwen is the second character in the original iPolly talking animal application series.

The penguin lives in the South Pole. She is lovely and playful. Her most favorite food is fish. She loves the skating, dancing, and laughing.

In her spare time, she enjoys fishing—but it is not always an easy task. Sometimes, she even needs to worry about shark attacks! Indeed, Gwen’s life is not always fun and games. She will encounter pollution, hunger, and boredom. The least you can do is talk to her, right?

***Key Features:***

- Talk to the Penguin and she repeats
- Tap the food icon to feed her the fish
- Tap the fishing icon to see her fishing
- Pat on her head to see her jump around
- Pat on her tummy to see her chuckle
- Swipe the phone to see her spin on ice
- Record your own greeting and farewell messages and let the Penguin say it for you

With Talking Gwen the Penguin Lite, you get vivid 3D animations and high quality sound with a very cute penguin. Our app is very kid-friendly and has no-ad. There are no obscene, violent, or bizarre scenes that you wouldn't like your children to see.

새로운 기능

버전 4.0.0

- Optimized UI to support iPhone 5 tall screen.


Toccata Technologies Inc

iOS 5.1 버전 이상이 필요. iPhone, iPad 및 iPod touch와(과) 호환.


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