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TapTapSee - powered by CloudSight.ai Image Recognition API


TapTapSee is designed to help the blind and visually impaired identify objects they encounter in their everyday lives.

Simply tap anywhere on the screen to take a picture. TapTapSee can photograph any two or three-dimensional object at any angle and speak the identification back to the user (Note: Spoken identification requires VoiceOver to be turned on).

TapTapSee helps blind and visually impaired users become more independent in their day-to-day activities.

TapTapSee has garnered multiple podcasts, reviews, as well as positive feedback within the community:

● American Foundation for the Blind 2014 Access Award Recipient ●
● Named App of the Month by RNIB in March, 2013 ●
● Inductee of AppleVis iOS Hall of Fame ●

● "The biggest plus for the app is that it was designed specifically with blind and partially sighted people in mind." - RNIB

● "The application simply works – whether you have taken a picture of a shirt, a plate, or a chair." - Disabled-World.com

● "You see, TapTapSee is like a sighted assistant that never grow tired of you asking 'what’s that?'" - CultofMac.com

● "This is beyond cool. It’s TapTapSee. It’s an app that allows visually impaired persons to snap quick photos to identify objects around them." - iSmashPhone.com

● "The app is truly amazing because of its accuracy and detail it is able to provide in a short time." - Bdmtech.blogspot.com

● "I love this app. I use it constantly to help organize my pantry and fridge! Its great!" - @KLove2008

● "Love this app, would have had soup on toast instead of beans if not for TapTapSee!" - @Disdatndot

● "I took a picture of my guide dog and it actually said the type of dog. German Shepherd dog lol. cool." - @IAmMarissaC

● "I've constantly been amazed how fast and accurate the app is at recognizing just about everything!" - @Csm120

* Picture recognition
* Ability to repeat the last identification
* Upload pictures from the camera roll
* Save pictures to the camera roll with attached definition
* Share results via text, email, or social media
* Rotor reader
* Barcode and QR code reader
* Auto-focus notification
* Flash toggle

* iPhones: 3G and up
* iPod Touch
* iPad

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새로운 기능

버전 3.4.2

- Fixed a bug resulting in improper sizing of the camera preview on some devices

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12개의 평가

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